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Home Page Tour of the Hayward Fault Geology of Salt Point State Park, California Geology Tours in Boulder Colorado
The Geology of Salt Point State Park

Salt Point State Park provides the visitor spectacular vistas of the ocean, with rugged offshore rocks and steep sea cliffs that take the full impact of the waves. The rocks are sculpted into an infinite variety of forms and shapes. Extending underwater, the rocks offer a range of habitats to a wide variety of marine plants and animals. Divers can enjoy the rich underwater world. Uphill from the coast, the park continues to the top of the coastal ridge. Habitats change from coastal grassland to forests of Bishop pine, madrone, tanoak, and redwoods. There is also a pygmy forest of stunted cypress, pine and even redwoods, and a large open "prairie".

What makes Salt Point State Park so special? What has created this unique and unusual landscape? There are many more questions than we can easily answer, but we can begin to unravel the mysteries of the park's origin and formation. We can look beneath the surface at the dramatic geologic processes that create this magnificent landscape. The terrain of the park has been formed and modified over tens of millions of years. The processes involved in its formation include those processes that move continents and create oceans, build mountains and generate destructive earthquakes.

To fully appreciate the geologic history of the Salt Point State Park, it is helpful to understand how the rocks of the park formed and the dynamic processes involved in the creation of the coastal mountains of California.


There are three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic defined on how they are formed. Igneous rocks were molten at some time in their history. The melt is called magma when it's found beneath the earth's surface or lava when it is erupted onto the surface. When the melt cools, it forms a rock made of intergrown, interlocking crystals composed of several different minerals. When the melt cools slowly, the crystals have time to grow large producing an igneous rock such as granite. If the melt cools quickly, the crystals that form are very small, often too small to be seen with the unaided eye. Basalt is an example of a lava that cooled quickly.

Sedimentary rocks are formed on the earth's surface by surface processes, such as weathering, erosion, deposition, and cememtation. When any type of rock (igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary) is exposed at the earth's surface, it comes in contact with the atmosphere which is very corrosive. The rocks are mechanically broken apart and react chemically with oxygen in the atmosphere and weak acids in rain water . These weathering processes breaks the rock into smaller particles that are then transported by wind, running water, ocean currents, or glaciers; they are eroded. Eventually the rock particles are deposited in some low place, such as on the bottom of a lake or on the floor of the ocean, and they accumulate layer by layer. The weight of the overlying sediment and the precipitation of minerals in between the rock particles turns the loose sediment into solid sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary rocks are classified based on the size of the particles making up the rock. Large rounded pebbles cemented together form a conglomerate. Sand-sized particles form a sandstone, while mud and clay-sized particles form mudstone and shale. Each of these types of sedimentary rocks can be seen at Salt Point State Park, and will be described in greater detail later in this guide.

If sedimentary rock or crystallized igneous rock is deeply buried and subjected to high temperatures and pressures, it will be altered to a new rock called metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks are often made of crystals, like igneous rock, but the crystals are arranged in layers (called foliation), reflecting the modifying heat and pressure. Examples of metamorphic rocks are quartzite, marble, slate, schist and gneiss.

All of the rocks along the coastline in the park are sedimentary sandstones, conglomerates and mudstones. The only metamorphic and igneous rocks are found in the large, rounded pebbles in the conglomerates. Granite pebbles are made of white and black crystals. Volcanic pebbles are usually dark with a scattering of tiny light-colored crystals. All-white pebbles are usually white quartz (or quartzite). These types are fairly abundant. Pebbles made of metamorphic rock are often dark in color and may show alternating dark and light layers of small crystals. Identifying these different rock types may be especially difficult when the pebble has been rounded and polished, and the sample is small. Even experts may have difficulty so don't get discouraged.


Rocks contain a record of their geologic history: how, when, and where they formed. Geologists are able to read the story contained within the rocks and they can interpret and recreate the history of the California coast through geologic time. It doesn't take a professional to do this. With a little backround, you can begin to look beneath the surface and take a voyage back through time.

The story begins over a hundred million years ago, and involves the formation and movement of large blocks of crust, called plates. The outer portion of the earth is divided into about a dozen rigid plates that are "floating" on a plastic-like portion of the upper mantle (the layer of the earth beneath the crust). These plates are in motion; some move apart and some move toward each other. Where plates move apart, molten magma comes to the surface in the rift and cools to form new oceanic crust. When this process occurs under the ocean, the process is called sea-floor spreading. As spreading occurs and new crust is formed, the plates move away from each other. As the plates separate, they move toward other plates. Where plates collide, one plate moves down under the other, a process called subduction.

Collision and subduction of plates are the processes that created most of the rocks of California. Millions of years ago, the Pacific Ocean plate moved eastward away from a spreading ridge and collided with the North American plate. As the two plates collided, North America acted like a gigantic snowplow and scraped off a thin portion of the Pacific plate as it was being consumed. Over millions of years, these "sea-floor scrapings" piled up at the margin of the North American plate, and today make up much of the rock of the northern coastal mountains.

For hundreds of millions of year, the West Coast of North America has been a collision-type plate margin. There has been a sea-floor spreading ridge to the west, generating the Pacific Ocean plates. The oceanic plate, formed at the spreading ridge, moved toward the western margin of the North American plate, collided with it and was subducted beneath the North American plate. In the process the rocks of the Coast Ranges were "scraped off" the descending plate and uplifted. Farther east, molten rock, generated by the friction developed as the two plates collided, rose to form granite of the ancient Sierra Nevada mountains.


About 25 million years ago, the California coastline went through a dramatic change. A new type of plate margin formed. Instead of colliding, the Pacific and North American plates moved past each other along a fault: the San Andreas fault. The cause of this change was the North American Plate overtaking and overriding the eastern portion of the Pacific plate and the spreading ridge. The San Andreas fault, the boundary between these two huge plates, traverses the State of California from the head of the Gulf of California in the south to Point Arena in the north. The San Andreas fault crosses through the eastern part of Salt Point State Park. This segment of the fault ruptured in the great San Francisco earthquake in 1906.

The rocks of Salt Point State Park on the west of the San Andreas fault are very different in composition and age from the rocks on the east side. The reason for these differences are because the Park straddles the San Andreas fault. All of the California continental crust to the west of the San Andreas fault is attached to the Pacific oceanic plate and is moving northwest with the Pacific plate. That portion of Salt Point State Park situated west of the San Andreas fault is part of this sliver of continental crust called the Salinian block. These rocks in the park were formed about 40 - 60 million years ago in a marine basin on the Salinian block. The basin in which the rocks were deposited was then situated 200-260 or more miles to the south of where Salt Point State Park is located today. These rocks have been moved that distance along the San Andreas fault in the last 20 million years!

The rocks in the park to the east of the San Andreas fault are very different in composition and age. They are called Franciscan rocks (the name applied to a group of rocks making up much of the Coast Ranges) and are made of the deep-ocean sediments and portions of oceanic crust scraped off the descending Pacific Plate as it was subducted about 100-150 million years ago. Franciscan rocks are difficult to see in the park because the portion of the park east of the San Andreas fault is heavily covered with forest and soil, and Franciscan rocks are just poorly exposed. However, excellent examples of Franciscan rocks can be seen along the coast south of the park between Fort Ross and Bodega Bay. As a result of the mountain building processes that have raised portions of the California coast, and the movement along the San Andreas fault, the rocks of Salt Point State Park have been folded and, in some places, faulted. These folds and faults can be seen in the rocks along the coast.


The rocks along the beautifully rugged coastline are tilted sedimentary rocks, mostly sandstones with interbeds of conglomerates and mudstones, part of the German Rancho Formation. A formation is a group of rocks having a similar composition. They are named for a local geographic landmark. Rancho German, in 1846, was a large land grant that extended north from Fort Ross. Rocks of the German Rancho Formation can be found exposed from Fort Ross to Point Arena. North of Fort Ross, the sequence is thought to be as much as 18,000 feet thick!

The sedimentary rocks of the German Rancho Formation were formed 40-60 million years ago during the Paleocene to Eocene Series of the geologic time scale. These rocks were originally deposited in horizontal layers, like the layers of a cake. Along the entire coastline of Salt Point State Park, the layers are now tilted or tipped. This tilting exposes rocks of different ages. In a sequence of sedimentary rocks, the strata at the bottom is the oldest (first deposited) and the strata at the top is the youngest (last deposited). If the sequence of strata remains horizontal and flat, the only way to see what is below the surface is to cut a slice into it, as has occurred where the Colorado River has cut the Grand Canyon through a mile of rock, exposing older and older rock as you descend to the bottom of the gorge. On the other hand, when rock is tilted, and erosion carves the edges, older and older rock is exposed at the surface. At Salt Point State Park, the oldest rocks are at the southern boundary and they get younger as you progress northward up the coast. About a third of a mile south of Horseshoe Point the rocks are tilted in the opposite direction and get progressivley older to the north. This is because the rocks are folded into a downfold called the Horseshoe Point syncline. The youngest rocks are at the center of a syncline, and they get older away from the center.

The tilting not only exposes rocks of different ages, it exposes rocks of different hardness and resistance to weathering and erosion. The waves wear away the weaker rock layers from the harder ones, forming coves among the more resistant points and headlands.

40 - 60 million years ago, when the rocks of the German Rancho Formation formed , sediments worn from the surrounding mountains were carried by rivers down to the ocean. The mud, sand, and pebbles were transported out onto the floor of a deep submarine basin that was located far to the south of where Salt Point is located today. The composition of the pebbles is used by geologists to reconstruct the geography and environment at the time these rocks were forming.


The thick layers of sandstone alternating with layers of conglomerate and mudstone in a particular succession, forms a pattern that is interpreted to have been deposited by flows of dense, turbulent sediment-laden water flowing down a submarine canyon. These high density flows are c